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Homeopathy, health and therapy center


for your New Art of medicine consultation

German new art of medicine

classical Homeopathy

   if you say yes to one of these questions

you are welcome 

information overwhelm

do you have that? there is so much information about disease and therapies, and there are so many theories which are sometimes even contradicting
in this Practice you will get simple, clear and practical information often with a whole new perspective

You want to be well informed before any test, diagnosis, prognosis and therapy

a diagnosis can be shocking and setting you back a lot in the healing state that you need
so you want to be well informed first about the German new medicine which gives you a new perspective 

You want to be totally free in your choice of therapy

You agree that every therapy has its own place, regular treatment too, and well-informed with common sense you will make a decision based on ‘Informed Consent’

You are using normal medicines or supplements and want something else

normal medicines can do some good, but they can suppress and postpone your symptoms, and that can cause new symptoms with new medicines

supplements you have to use for a long time and this is expensive, sometimes it is uncertain if you are using the right ones in the right quantity

classical homeopathy works on a deeper energy level, and is a lot cheaper

You are looking for an answer why you have a complaint or disease

The German new medicine has a complete new theory, proven in practice, about diseases
It also give you a positive perspective about the course of the disease


a consultation in

  • Lelystad
    free parking
  • Amsterdam-zuid Wtc
    is well reachable with public transport
    parking your car in Wtc is convenient

  • An online consultation
    is often possible on the short term

Info about the prices

often you get back about 40 euro from the insurance
your own risk amount is zero

German new medicine
  • 80 euro per hour
  • German new medicine consultation
Classical Homeopathy
  • 1st consultation is 1 hour is 80 euro
  • a follow-up consultation is 3 quarter of an hour is 55 euro
  • a package of a 1st and 2 follow-up consultations is 155 euro
Introduction consultation
  • get to know us and get insight
    in new therapies
  • 40 euro for half an hour

what is your choice?


German new medicine consultation

one could say German no medicine too
it answers in a totally new way the question why do you have a complaint or a disease, and how can this process go on with your new insight

your fear for a disease, a diagnosis, a prognosis and a treatment diminishes and you will be well informed to choose a therapy

Always based on “Informed Consent”, you make your best choice

A complete documentation according to the original knowledge of dr. Hamer you find in Dutch at :
site van de nieuwe Germaanse geneeskunde

Classical Homeopathy consultation
  • for this consultation have a look at page Homeopathy
    based on the knowledge of the old masters like Hahnemann, Boericke, Boger, Clarke, Alan, Phatak and Kent

    you will see results that only few people know are possible
Introduction consultation

You get a good impression of us, and you can ask all your questions

see our contact page

to get your appointment

a consultation can be online

In this Health and Therapy Center a homeopath, an osteopath and an acupuncturist are working together

The homeopath is registered at the NVKH and RBCZ association

(the wkkgz procedure for clients is on their sites)

kvk nr is 32157244

Homeopathy health and therapy center  

Amsterdam:   WTC - Tower B   Strawinskylaan 229 - 1077 XW

Lelystad:   Nieuwe Waterweg 55 - 8226 NE

to get your appointment see our contact page