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Classical Homeopathy



Homeopathy has been developed by Hahnemann in Germany in the first half of the 19th century, so it is about 200 years old now

He could take any substance, pulverize it, dissolve it in alcohol and water and dilute it with a factor 100 and shake it a 100 times
the figure 100 is an example, it varies for different processes

This process of diluting and shaking is repeated many times and the result is that the most subtle essence of a substance is released into the alcohol and water, and small sugar pills like granules or globules are soaked with this fluid and then dried
If a person takes too many of these pills then he is going to get symptoms
these symptoms are just the ones that this medicine can cure, when applied in a moderate way
That is where the phrase “Similia Similibus Curantur” in homeopathy comes from:
like is cured by like, a disease may be cured by something that can cause similar symptoms

This substance can be for example a mineral like phosphorus, the leaf of Pulsatilla, the ink of Sepia, a vaccine or a normal medicine

Homeopathy works on the energy system of the body, which can locally be blocked or disturbed by:
toxins, trapped emotions, strong beliefs, stress, not enough sleep and exercise, working too hard, relationships, inherited genes, predisposition and accidents.
being out of integrity with life can be a real cause of disease, you know the truth but you lie to yourself   
toxins can occur because of pollution, emotion, food, medicines
A homeopathic medicine gives an impuls to the vital force of the body, that gives a reaction and in that process the symptoms get better


well known homeopaths of nowadays

they have written books and do seminars

  • Sankaran, India
    best books:
    The Other Song
    The Spirit of Homeopathy
  • Luc de Schepper, California
    best books:
    Hahnemann Revisited
    Discovering Life, homeopathic portraits
  • Tinus Smits +, Holland
    best books
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