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Your answer to these important questions:

  • Do you have a chronical disease for a long time with use of medication to relieve your symptoms but with side effects?
  • You have complaints and are afraid of a diagnosis and treatment?
  • You have had a treatment and do not want the disease to come back?
  • You are looking for an answer why you have a disease, and how it could run a different course?
  • You want to be completely free in your choice of therapy?
    (You think too every therapy has its place, certainly a conventional therapy and with common sense you can make a good choice)

  • You are looking for efficient possibilities in the surplus of information about your disease and therapy options.

with 1 or more "yes" answers:

  • You are welcome for a consultation at location Lelystad, Amsterdam or Waalre!
  • You can choose for a Skype consultation too.

    Amsterdam-South is reachable well with public traffic, parking is possible at all 3 locations.​​​​


  • An informative consultation is about new methods in Healthcare.
    Click: Extra-information

  • You get a unique and not formerly known insight in your disease.
    With that you can make a good therapy choice, free of fear, or even do not do any therapy!

  • Just because of this new insight in cause and prognosis of disease you have a better chance on recovery.​


  • This informative consultation takes 1 hour, this is 80 euro.
  • You do not need a referral from your GP, often you get 40 euro per consultation per day back from your Insurance, and no own risk amount.
  • You can choose for an introduction consultation of about 1/2 hour, this is 40 euro.

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Classical homeopathy

For the Classical Homeopathy consultation see the Homeopathy page.


You know TTAC, The Truth About Cancer?

A lot of information from unconventional medical specialists on the internet.
In an informative consultation we show you the way.

See for now the TTAC site.

In cooperation with

  • the "Osteopathy health and therapy center" at WTC 517, specialised in RSI, neck-, shoulder- and backproblems, injuries en headaches.
  • an acupuncturist at WTC 517.
  • The NHPractice is member of the NVKH lidnr. 02-1352. This ensures quality and sufficient education. 
  • The NHPractice is member of RBCZ (an overall organisation) registration nr. 170016R.
    For complaints and legal rights with regard to the treatment you can contact the NVKH.
    They have organized the WKKGZ for members and are connected to SCAG, a conflict handling group.